Monthly Archives: February 2012

Go Ahead, Fork Us!

We created a GitHub account to host all our freebie scripts and apps. To get things started we added our first freebie… a Titanium Mobile module called Indicator.js.

This module gives your app a simple indicator modal complete with spinner and message. You can size, position and update the message as you see fit.

Copy the module file to your project Resources folder. You can include it in your app using the require function:

var myIndicator = require('Indicator');

Then display the indicator modal when you need it:

// display with default settings;

And hide it when your done:


The show() method accepts a settings object to adjust the modal. Here’s an example of each setting:{
  message : "One Sec...",
  width : 100,
  height : 100,
  top : 50,
  bottom : 50,
  left : 50,
  right : 50

The size and position settings work the same as you would expect in a Titanium view or window. Currently this module will only work for iOS apps but we will update with Android support soon.


Envato Twins

We created a twin account on the Envato marketplace called ClearCaseToo.

Appcelerator introduced their new marketplace back in September and we believe it’s time to start selling our products there. Envato has been great to us but we need to branch out and generate enough revenue to continue to support and build new modules and templates. In order to keep our new products on CodeCanyon we had to create this new account with a non-exclusive author setting. So expect to see all of our new Titanium modules and templates on ClearCaseToo and our upcoming Appcelerator marketplace account.

What about the StoreApp template and Location Proximity module?
Those products will remain CodeCanyon exclusive. We don’t plan on moving them to the new account mainly because there isn’t a clean way to do so. Envato doesn’t provide a way to transfer them without abandoning existing buyers (we have about 101 so far). We also can’t flag some items as exclusive and others as non-exclusive.

So there it is… One new marketplace account and another one coming up on Appcelerator. We’ll keep you posted once we have a new product and we’ll also share the stats since Appcelerator doesn’t make them public.